How to install (Workshop version)

The installation is very simple. You just have to download some files and put theme inside the game folder. See more information below. Once you have the mod installed, you can visit the How to use page.

Step 0a: Uninstall the BepInEx version

If you have the BepInEx version of Kitchen Designer installed, it is best to uninstall it. Go to your PlateUp! installation folder and remove the \BepInEx\plugins\ONe.KitchenDesigner folder.

Step 1: Subscribe to the Kitchen Designer mod

If you successfully joined the Workshop Beta, you should be able to find Kitchen Designer on the following page: On that page, click the "Subscribe" button and restart the game.

If you cannot access the workshop page, that means that you are not part of the Workshop Beta PlateUp group.

Step 2: Verify that everything works (optional)

After you subscribe to the mod in the Workshop, restart the game and go to the Headquarters - that is the place where you go before you start a new run. If you press Escape on the keyboard (or an equivalent with a gamepad), a menu should open. In that menu, you should see an item with the text Kitchen Designer. If you click that menu item, a new window should appear.

Migrate to a new version

The Steam Workshop should automatically update all mods to their latest versions. You should be able to simply restart the game and have all the mods updated automatically.

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