Seeded runs FAQ

Are you a new PlateUp player or a veteran wanting wanting to learn about how seeds and seeded runs work? In this article, you will find all the information regarding how seeds work in PlateUp.

What is a seed?

In PlateUp, kitchen layouts are randomly generated. But sometimes, you might find a layout that you really like a want to play it again. Or you might see your favorite youtuber playing with a nice kitchen layout and you want to try it too. That is where seeded runs come into play.

Seed is an alphanumeric text of at most 8 characters that controls how a kitchen layout is generated. A seed might look like this: blargh or this: bafoku86. So, when people talk about seeds, they talk about these strings that control how a kitchen is generated.

How to start a seeded run?

First, make sure that you are at least level 5. Without that, you will not be able to start a seeded run. Next, you should see a flower pot in the Office part of your Headquarters. If you interact with the flower pot, it will show you a text box where you can type your chose seed. Confirm your selection and you should see your seeded kitchen layout appear on the planning board. The rest is the same as usual - make sure that you picked a recipe and you can start your next run.

How to find a good seed?

There are multiple ways:

  • Just put some random letters and numbers in the game GUI and see what layout it generates.
  • Use a tool like our Seed explorer to choose from thousands of random seeds. It also comes with handy filters.
  • See the Best seeds page and pick from the most popular shared by the community.
  • Follow Reddit posts or join the Discord channel where people often post their most liked seeds.

What exactly is affected by the seed?

We are not completely sure. Some people claim that all the cards and the blueprints that spawn at the start of each day are affected by the seed. However, when we compared the blueprint spawns with some youtube videos, we got mixed results. Sometimes, we got exactly the same blueprints, but other times, we got something completely different. It seems like there is some hidden variable that affects how the seeded runs behave.

Using a seed gives me the wrong kitchen layout

You are watching your favourite youtuber playing on a seed that you like. So you decide play your next game with the same seed. You enter the seed inside the game but you sometimes get a completely different kitchen layout.

As of version 1.0.5, there is a bug in the game where you sometimes get a wrong layout for a given seed. But the solution is very simple. Just restart the game, and you should get the correct kitchen layout.

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